AKSes Account Registration Guide

Securities Ownership Reference/ Acuan Kepemilikan Sekuritas (AKSes)
Referring to the Securities Ownership Reference/”Acuan Kepemilikan Sekuritas” (AKSes) facility by PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) as an Integrated Investment Management System (S-INVEST) provider, we would like to inform you that:
  • AKSes Facility is an information access facility through internet network which allows customers to monitor their Securities position and mutation owned with no service charge.
  • Customers can use the AKSes Facility provided by KSEI to view their investment products and consolidate their portfolio reports.
  • Customers must have a personal email in order to register for AKSes.
We recommend that our customers register for the AKSes facility https://akses.ksei.co.id.

Download the AKSes account registration guide